New Weekly: Scribe x Friends.

let’s be Friends. mondays at tba brooklyn with dj scribe of i love vinyl (and Friends). mood board: native tongues, modern soul, acid jazz, real r&b, neo soul, boom bap, rare groove, feelgood, headnod, sunny sunday morning shower singalong. we are hereby reclaiming the terms fair-weather friend, friend zone and friendly fire. henceforth these will be considered to have a positive connotation. soul II soul, paak, omar, kay, jai, nai, dilla, de la, erykah, lauryn, tribe… these are the people that we call Friends. new york, la, philly, london. international Friends. friends with records. friends with benefits. the benefits of friends with records. a weekly detox musical juice cleanse to start your week. a bubblebathfootrub re-entry from your weekend. that’s what Friends is for. the soft hair of the dog. the cat’s pajamas and its meow. the antidote. take aurally and apply liberally. wash, rinse, repeat.

TBA Brooklyn
Mondays, beginning July 11
no cover