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The Twilite Tone x Kanye West x Grammys

Big big BIG ups go out to our very own Anthony Khan aka The Twilite Tone for his two Grammy nominations for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for his production work on the 2 Chainz hit "Mercy" (yes, this is the same The Twilite Tone who makes you dance your ass off while trying, and failing, to Shazam or trainspot the dirty chicago house and jazz shit he's cranking at I Love Vinyl). Come by tomorrow and shake his hand!

OP! x Chris Annibell x BK Classico

Our very own OP! has joined forces with Chris Annibell (afrokinetic) to form BK CLASSICO, and launch a new monthly on Bleecker Street. Here's what these poets had to say about it.

"Past, present, and future classics; spanning across genres, tempos, and styles. Focusing on elements of soul through pulsating rhythms, motivating bass lines and dancefloor-driven drums in various musical stylings... Bangin' sound, wood dancefloor and proper lounge for your Friday night."

First Friday of every month at the newly renovated 167 Bleecker (right across the street from LPR). And it's FREE!

Revive Music x DROM x Scribe

Tonight, our very own DJ Scribe joins Jesse Fischer of Revive Da Live's Soul Cycle band for an evening of jazz-funk inflected grooves, on stage and on record.

#THEFAVOR x Good Peoples x Okayplayer x OP! x Full Crate

Our very own OP! rocks with Amsterdam's Full Crate tonight in brooklyn for FREE, courtesy of Okayplayer, #THEFAVOR and Good Peoples!