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OP! x Q-Tip


I Love Vinyl Radio, Episode 16 with Carol C of Si*Sé

Brand new ILV Radio show up with special guest Carol C of Si*Sé.  Brand new to you, at least.  We recorded this one back in November of 2013, so some of the stuff we are talking about makes no sense.  Cut us a little slack while we catch up to present.  We're sure you'll figure it all out.  In this show, topics discussed include (not surprisingly, perhaps): upcoming events that took place in the past, how ladies are made, Oran "Juice" Jones monologues, the303 at Louie & Chan (which is open, which you should already know if you have been paying attention... see Cousin Cousin post), Detroit royalty, the Giant Step party in the 90s, playing the spoons, and of course, line dancing to Kraftwerk.

Listen above and follow along in words and pictures below.  You can always listen to all the latest and past episodes on our Radio page, or on Mixcloud.

Big Daddy Kane, Stop Shammin' (Instrumental) Ofra Haza, Im Nin'Alu (Played In Full Mix) Ronny Jordan, A Brighter Da…

OP! x Afrika Bambaataa

Our very own OP!, alongside Cosmo Baker, opens for the "Master of Records" himself, Afrika Bambaataa at Le Poisson Rouge this Saturday Jan 4, courtesy of Giant Step. All-vinyl set by OP! Bam recently donated his 40,000+ record collection to the Hip Hop Collection at the Cornell University Library so your guess is as good as ours as to what media he will be playing on. But we can't help hoping he's been making good use of his Cornell library card...

DJ Scribe x Justin Strauss x the303

Scribe and Justin Strauss are cousins. Together they are Cousin Cousin (pr. Koo-'zan Koo-'zan). It's french for Cousin Cousin. Oui oui. Cousin Cousin is a brand new party starting this Friday at a brand new venue called the303 at Louie & Chan, in Chinatown. It's exactly the kind of place that we love. Small, dark, great sound system, and great people. Disco, House, and all that good stuff. See you there.

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