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Apple Announces Unprecedented New iPhone Design

By AP, CALIFORNIA -- In a move that sent seismic shockwaves from Cupertino, California, throughout the digitized world, Apple, now under the direction of Steve Jobs' replacement Tim Cook, announced today that the newest model in their revolutionary series of mobile phones, the iPhone 4S, would be fully analog. Inspired by legacy technologies, like the Edison cylinder, and a growing movement toward the simpler, more tactile, controls of the technological devices that Apple enthusiasts grew up on, the new iPhone will use archival quality polyvinyl chloride, or "vinyl" discs, with diamond-inscribed spiral grooves, as a storage medium, replacing the outdated solid-state silicon memory, which has been prone to a loss in sound quality, causing Apple to recall hundreds of thousands of iPhone 4's last year, and a dangerous increase in Otolaryngology emergency room visits since the introduction of Apple's first iPod, according to the New England Jour