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Last Party at LPR

( An open letter from I Love Vinyl founder Ben Goldfarb aka DJ Scribe ) In early 2009, Brice Rosenbloom, a talent booker who I had worked with previously at the Knitting Factory, approached me about a new venue he was booking talent for in the historic former Village Gate space on Bleecker Street. Owned and run by two classical musicians, with a diverse high-quality live music calendar, Le Poisson Rouge stood in stark contrast to its tourist trap blues bar, trashy “nightclub", and NYU student dive neighbors. I met Brice there and he showed me the side room, then casually known as the gallery bar. It was the type of space I wanted for an intimate dance party. Wood floors, low ceilings, compact dance floor, minimal gallery-style decor with a rotating art exhibition, and a good sound system. I had conceived of I Love Vinyl almost two years prior and had just been waiting for the right place. LPR was it. I assembled the five other djs, some of my best friends, and some of the best d