I Love Vinyl Radio, Episode 14 with Shred One and Andrew Brearley of Cherries Records

Brand new ILV Radio show up with special guests Shred One and Andrew Brearley aka Meaty Ogre of Cherries Records. They are not only djs and record label owners, they are longtime record collectors and dealers, and they came through with some shit you aren't likely to hear anywhere else. Topics discussed include rarified funk, moving, Pee-wee Herman, loner boogie, Molly Ringwald, and parenthood.
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Records Played:
Roger Parrish - (You Know) Who Loves You The Most
Kool And The Gang - North, East, South, West
Billy Snow - Get Away 
Thundercat - Oh Shiet It's X 
Zalmac - What's In It For Me
East Liberty Quarters - Holiday
Motion Lab - Anywhere
Tony Ozier - Back To The Mitten
Morris Lewis - The Enchzatress
Bobby Demo - More Ounce (Rap)
Nicolay - I Can't Wait
Damon Bell - Heru 
David Bowie - Right 
Five Star - Are You Man Enough (7" Remix Version) 
Robert Glasper Experiment - Dillalude #2
Jahari - Situation
Dj Cam Feat Cameo - Love Junkee (Dilla Remix)
Norman Jean Bell - I'm The Baddest Bitch (Bassino Dub Mix)
Funkadelic - The Song Is Familiar 
Isley Brothers - Party Night 
Barbra Mason - Don't I Ever Cross Your Mind (Instrumental)
Benny's Crib - Smokin' Brain