I Love Vinyl Radio, Episode 11 with Duane Harriott

Brand new ILV Radio show up with special guest Duane Harriot (WMFU/Bim Marx). The music and the conversation were far reaching, to say the least. Topics discussed include family car trips, al goldstein and public access, the reggae breakdown, eastern spirituality, george michael plagiarism, explosions at the end of songs, inflatable babies, and cleaning toilets as a career move. We had a ball. Hope you do too...

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Records Played:
JMB, Jamal Beats #60
JMB, Jamal Beats #119
Junior, The Snake
The Floaters, Levitation
Jon Lucien, Creole Lady
Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio, Otherworldly
DJ Rels, Song For My Lady
Gateway, Can't Accept The Fact
David Byrne, Gypsy Woman (Live)
GE-OLOGY Featuring Mos Def, Superstar
Blu & Exile, A Man
The Yancey Boys, The Throwaway
Heatwave, Mind What You Find
Fatback, Rasta Jam
Willie Bobo, Sixty-Two Fifty
Blood Sweat & Tears, My Days Are Numbered
Aesthetic Audio Presents: Theme Music (Moments In Rhythm Vol 3), Is It In You?
Lanier, 25 Hours
Archie Whitewater, Cross Country (Monk's Inst Edit)