I Love Vinyl Radio, Episode 5 with Sal P (Liquid Liquid)

I Love Vinyl Radio is back and proud to present Episode 5, featuring special guest Salvatore Principato aka Sal P of Liquid Liquid (the guy smiling behind the big red dot) who came through to kick it and play a very far-reaching (to put it mildly) selection of great soul-stirring tunes. This episode spans the gamut, bringing to life something Sal says during the show about making music for the love of it, not to fit into a particular category. We are with you, Sal! Big thanks for sharing the music (paired with an assortment of delicious craft brews, expertly selected by Shawn Dub) with us. Actually, given the relationship between alcohol and pretty much everything else, the only thing about the episode we are 100% sure about is that the beer was good... Gurgle gurgle.

Now press play on Sal's face, and let's go!

Follow Sal on his Tumblr, Soundcloud, and his vegan cooking podcast, Singing With My Mouth Full